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Barbara Gallucci is a New York based sculptor and photographer. Her work, ranging in scale from autonomous objects to large-scale installation, examines the intersections between sculpture, furniture, and interior design. Her sculptural work, including her plywood replicas of Le Corbusier couches, are totally functional for sitting and lounging. Her architectural installation, such as the full scale A-Frame shelter; titled "Second Home," incorporates video projections of nature. It can be entered and occupied by the viewer. In her photographic work she documents architectural icons of the prefab housing movement including Levittown interiors and A-Frames. A limited edition artists book was published about this project in 2007.

She has exhibited extensively in New York, across the U.S., and Europe including exhibitions at Derek Eller Gallery in NY, and Lauren Wittels Gallery, NY, and Ronald Feldman Gallery. She has done large scale installations at Site Santa Fe, Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire in Paris, several FRAC Art Centers in France, and Lothringer 13 in Munich, Germany. She earned her MFA at Yale in 1987. Her work has been reviewed in the New York Times, LA Times, Artforum, Village Voice, and more. She has received grants funding from the Pollack Krasner Foundation, the Gottleib Foundation, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation. She has been a full time Professor of Sculpture at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Ma. since 1999.

She is currently showing with Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston. Her newest work investigates Utopian beliefs about Modernism and nature. Artificial nature; fabricated, domesticated, and designed, takes form in her hybrid, shrub-like furniture projects. She is traveling to Bali in the summer of 2008 to photograph the rice paddy landscapes in the mountains around UBUD for their beauty and their identity as both manicured and wild.
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